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"Films like the one you are going to see tonight are so important because they won't let people forget what is still happening in Flint. Films like this one keep Flint's story alive and underscore that what happened in Flint isn't an isolated tragedy. It's happening all over our country to people who don't have the influence and the political power to fight back. But we will fight back, and we will not stop until every single American’s right to clean drinking water is safe and secure."

Statement from the late Congressman Elijah Cummings at the Charles Theatre screening of Flint: The Poisoning of an American City in Baltimore - October 7, 2019.

Counter Stories Productions is committed to film as a resource to amplify voices and stories that have been silenced and enable wider community engagement around justice issues.


Counter Stories Productions has produced award-winning documentaries that have become resources for raising awareness and community engagement around justice issues across the country. Our films have been distributed across a wide spectrum of major network & cable outlets, film festivals & streaming services, colleges & universities, and government agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Photography can be a form of meditation that requires full attention to see, hear, and anticipate what is unfolding, and then frame the light to capture that moment.

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•A feature length documentary focused on industrial pollution and environmental racism.

•A documentary short focused on eviction and homelessness through the voices/stories of children and families in Dayton, Ohio.

•A documentary feature in pre-production focused on the issues around gun violence.

Trouble the Water: Conversations to Disrupt Racism and Dominance is a documentary series resource for communities to facilitate conversation and engagement around the issues of race and racism.
The Everyday Epidemic story series focuses on the courageous efforts of a wide spectrum of individuals, communities and non-profits who are responding to the epidemic of gun violence in their own communities and context. The series will profile a wide scope of voices as they, from their own nuanced perspectives, articulate an alternative vision for "how things can be" in response to gun violence and are currently acting on that new vision. Through the words and stories of these innovative leaders and groups, this new series will inspire communities to speak up and be moved to engage. With over 31,000 people killed every year and more than 100,000 injured, we, as a civil society, have reached a tipping point where the silent majority must speak and act.