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About Barnhart Films

Barnhart Films is committed to Story as a means to give voice to narratives that have not been heard and enable community engagement on relevant and timely issues.

These films and stories are funded by Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. PDA recognizes the value and importance of "Story" as a means to connect and cultivate wider circles of community engagement and action.

About David

David Barnhart is an award winning director and filmmaker and is committed to 'Story' as a means to facilitate community engagement and action. His most recent projects, “Kepulihan: When the Waters Recede” (a film 10 years in the making), "Trigger: The Ripple Effects of Gun Violence" (a 7-year project) and “Locked in a Box” have received awards and been screened at festivals across the country. Trigger, which examines the ripple effect that one shooting has on an individual, family, community and society, had the distinguished honor of being selected for the Martin Luther King Jr. D.R.E.A.M Film Series. His most recent short film, " To Breathe Free," focuses on the 5-year journey of a Syrian refugee family fleeing the war in Homs to the refugee camps in Jordan and starting a new life in Washington, D.C. To Breathe Free has won Best Documentary Short at the Beaufort International Film Festival, Covellite International Film Festival and recently received the "Platinum Award" from The International Independent Film Awards. He is currently in production on a follow up to Trigger that looks at how different individuals are responding to the epidemic of gun violence in their own communities, and a documentary focused on the ongoing Water Crisis in Flint. Barnhart is the proud and tired father of twins. He and his wife Elsie live in Atlanta, GA.

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About Scott Lansing, Editor: Sabotage Film Group

Sabotage Film Group’s Director/Editor Scott Lansing has spent 20 plus years as a long form feature narrative, documentary, network promotions, and feature trailer promotions director editor. Scott has directed and edited two decades of award winning promotions and spotlights, earning him 15 Promax awards , 3 BDA design awards, 20 film festival nominations and 16 film festival awards for his narrative and documentary editing.. His work with Turner Classic Movies, including “TCM Remembers’ and “This Month on TCM” has been seen nation wide. Starting as a live show and music video director, Scott has worked with signed artists John Mellencamp, Injected, Butch Walker, Dillenger Escape Plan, Black Dahlia Murder, Mastodon, Granville Automatic, MinusDriver, QuietHounds, Shannon Wright, and Cat Power.

Scott has edited / AD/graphics work on several features including Bleed, Cinema Purgatorio, Unbecoming, Robert Shaw:Man of Many Voices, Trigger: The Ripple Effect of Gun Violence to name a few.

Sabotage Film Group site: http://www.sabotagefilmgroup.com/