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Flint: The Poisoning of An American City from Sabotage Film Group on Vimeo.

Flint documentary

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From the late Congressman Elijah Cummings on Flint: The Poisoning of an American City — “Films like the one you are going to see tonight are so important because they won’t let people forget what is still happening in Flint. Films like this one keep Flint’s story alive and underscore that what happened in Flint isn’t an isolated tragedy. It’s happening all over our country to people who don’t have the influence and the political power to fight back. But we will fight back, and we will not stop until every single American’s right to clean drinking water is safe and secure.”

100,000 people have been poisoned by lead, a lifelong affliction, yet somehow this shocking event has been normalized in the US. "Flint: The Poisoning of an American City" gives voice to the current struggle of city residents and follows the environmental history of the river and how the continued abuse and neglect of city infrastructure and environmental regulations have led to the poisoning of a city. Flint explores the critical question of how this could happen in America, and how this event should serve as a warning for the rest of the country. A recent report found that 5,300 American cities were found to be in violation of federal lead rules, and research published in USA Today detected excessive lead in nearly 2,000 public water systems across all 50 states. This documentary educates and inspires action, seeking to radically change how we view and value water.

Film Reviews

People’s World

“The film exposes the Flint crisis from a different angle. It connects labor history, environmental disaster, and the lost voice of a community.”

Chauncey K. Robinson
People’s World

Ain't It Cool News

“An honest and unflinching look, David Barnhart (Director), along with Scott L. Lansing (Editor) create a documentary everyone in this country should see. I thought I understood the water crisis in Flint, until I watched this excellent flick. It’s opened my eyes....this should be mandatory viewing for anyone that gives a damn about clean water to drink.”

Freddy Beans
Ain't It Cool News


“When trying to paint a clear picture of events, especially with something as important as the Flint water crisis, context is everything. We see the heartbreak in people’s eyes. There is nothing like a well-made documentary to educate people to the truth. Barnhart does precisely that.”

Shain E. Thomas

Film Threat

"Barnhart has given us an essential document of the damage to one small city in Michigan, but more than that, he’s ringing an alarm about who we are, and what we allow in this country, and in this delicately balanced ecosystem we all share."

Bradley Gibson
Film Threat

"The inescapable conclusion of the documentary is that the problems with Flint water are not unique, nor are they particularly technically difficult to solve, but rather the result of aggressive neglect caused by institutional racism. There’s a class problem here too. The poor in our country are becoming invisible."

Bradley Gibson
Film Threat


"We have a screening room during the Sundance Film Festival and will be organizing 'work-in-progress' previews for environmental leaders and other film festival programmers. "Flint: The Poisoning of an American City" is an incredibly timely and relevant film because it explores the critical question of how this could happen in an American city, and this serves as a warning for the rest of the country. This documentary educates but also enrages and moves people to some kind action -- and in that process, radically changes how we view and value water."

Alicia Douglas
Founder & Executive Chair
Water Rising - Cities Rising

Paste Magazine

"Watched a work-in-progress screening of "Flint: The Poisoning of an American City" from David Barnhart and Scott Lansing today. It's a fantastic doc about the history of a great American city and a great American tragedy that will enlighten and enrage you in equal measure. State government incompetence, institutional racism, criminal negligence. We're coming up on five years without clean water in a city of 100,000 people. #flintwatercrisis"

Josh Jackson
Editor of Paste Magazine

Waterkeeper Alliance

Waterkeeper Alliance Executive Director Marc Yaggi and Lake Ontario Waterkeeper Mark Mattson watched a work-in-progress screening of "Flint: The Poisoning of an American City" from David Barnhart and Scott Lansing. This will be a must-see as we enter the 5th year without clean water for a city of 100,000 people.